The Housley Story

The idea to begin a leadership training program was the vision of our dear friend, Kevin Housley.  Kevin lived his life as a principled leader. He was a successful businessman who worked proudly alongside his father as Executive Vice President of Housley Communications.  He was an avid rancher and he loved showing prize cattle with his son and daughter.  He served his community tirelessly as a long-time member of the school board in Christoval and also served on the boards of the West Texas Boys Ranch, Angelo Civic Theatre, Sonrisas Therapeutic Riding, St. Luke United Methodist Church, Concho Country Emmaus Community, and the Texas Maine-Anjou Association.  Kevin was eager to make a difference and in 2006 offered himself as a candidate for State Representative.

A few short months after this race, Kevin was diagnosed with the brain cancer which ultimately took his life in April 2008.  Kevin is remembered by many as "a shining example of involvement as a community leader, a husband, a father, a son.


The Experience

The Housley Principled Leadership Program is a seven week leadership dialogue and workshop designed to bring self-awareness to the development of student leaders. With sessions like You, Inc. covering individual brand power, themed discussions about the need for principled leaders and a panel stacked with business professionals that will challenge definitions of "service" - each week provides applicable and inspiring content.

Semester-long Program

We teach a semester-long class at Texas State University every fall and Trinity University every spring.

Co-curricular Program
Every semester, we offer an abbreviated version of the Housley program at Texas State University open to all students. Selected students attend seven Friday morning sessions throughout a semester. There is no cost for the program - meals and materials will be provided as well as scholarship opportunities for individuals who complete the program with extraordinary leadership.

We believe in helping extraordinary young leaders reach their potential, the Housley Principled Leadership Program is one of the ways we accomplish this. Find out more at


HPLP Curriculum Overview

  • Session One: Self-Awareness

  • Session Two: Attributes of Effective Leadership (Covey’s 7 Habits)

  • Session Three: You, Inc. (Marcus Buckingham – The Truth About You; Personal Branding)

  • Session Four: Principle Centered Leadership (Covey’s Principle Centered Leadership)

  • Session Five: Back to the Basics (On Becoming a Leader, Trust Equation, & Situational Leadership)

  • Session Six: Living a Life of Meaning (Stumbling on Happiness; Balance & Expectations)

  • Session Seven: Living a Story-Worthy Life (The Hero's Journey)

  • Session Eight: The Debt (Service & Philanthropy)


The Housley Leadership Weekend

The Housley Leadership Weekend contains the seven week curriculum condensed into a two day seminar. The 2017 program takes place April 21st (1pm-5pm) and April 22nd (10am-4pm). There is no cost for the weekend - meals and materials will be provided as well as four scholarship opportunities for individuals who complete the program with excellence.

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