The Team

The team at Stelos is dedicated to the future of our young leaders.


Bill Poston

President & Founder

Bill Poston is an entrepreneur, business advisor, investor, philanthropist, educator, and adventurer. His passion for exploration and adventure keeps him moving around the world in search of more extreme forms of hiking, SCUBA diving, snow skiing, boating and all types of fishing.



Melinda Keller

Vice President

Melinda serves as the Vice President of the Stelos Alliance and, though she's from Texas doesn't really have an accent. Her friends say she has a volume.




Board Member

Matt enjoys the fact that he drives a truck, knows how to two-step, and talks with a Texas drawl.  Yee-Haw, y'all.




Robert D. Poston

Board Member

Bobby Poston likes taking sweet black and white pictures. A devoted supporter of the Stelos Alliance, he serves as a board member and manager of the Tommy Raffen Scholarship.


Kasey Durbin

Housley Guest Lecturer

Kasey lives in Austin with her corgi daughter, Opal. She is a crossfitter, talented sleeper and is always attempting to elevate small talk to medium talk. Kasey hopes to one day have her own hashtag.