Stelos Alliance Leadership and Bill Hogue Memorial Scholarships

Honoring the leadership of students at Texas State University.


History of the Scholarships

The Bill Hogue Memorial Scholarship was established under the direction of Bill Poston following Hogue’s tragic death, which came just six weeks after his graduation from Texas State University in December 1987. 

Hogue loved Texas State and served it well as a Student Foundation officer, Cheerleader and Orientation Assistant.  He was also an active member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity and taught classes for the Catholic Student Organization.  Bill maintained this level of campus involvement while working full and part-time to pay his way through college.  This $5,000 scholarship is presented in Bill’s memory every year to a Texas University student who exhibits the enthusiastic pride in Texas State that characterized Bill’s college life.

Five $1,000 Stelos Alliance Leadership Scholarships are awarded in recognition of students’ dedicated service, loyalty, leadership and significant contributions to Texas State and their communities.  The deserving young leaders that receive these scholarships give tirelessly of themselves to enhance the Texas State experience for all students.


Applications due: Friday, March 29th at 11:59pm CST


April, San Marcos, TX


Eligibility Information

  • Student must be classified as a junior or senior at Texas State to be eligible for the Hogue Scholarship.

  • Student must have a minimum of 54 completed hours if classified as a sophomore for the Student Foundation Scholarships.

  • Sophomore or junior classification must be enrolled 12 hours or more at the time of selection. Seniors may be enrolled less than 12 hours at the time of selection. 

  • Student must have an overall Texas State GPA of at least 2.50.

  • Student must have demonstrated superior leadership qualities.

  • Student must have invested a substantial amount of time and service to Texas State.

    • Students who have previously been awarded the Bill Hogue Memorial Scholarship are not eligible.

    • The recipient(s) will be in good standing with the University at the time of selection.

    • Graduating seniors are eligible to receive this Scholarship. All senior students will receive a check if he/she is graduating in May and will not be enrolled the next year.

    • Students must write and include a personal essay and updated resume – see details below.


Application Requirements

1. Essay

  • Must be doubled spaced and typed in a 12 point font.

  • Must be at least one full page, but can not exceed 3 full pages.

  • Your essay must address each of the following topics:

    • How will your past and present campus activities contribute to Texas State?

    • What are your plans for future service to Texas State as a student?

    • What do you hope to gain from Texas State?

    • How do you plan to give back to Texas State as an Alumnus?

2. Current resume

3. Current unofficial transcript


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