Matthew Priest

Board Member


Matthew Priest earned his degree in Business Finance from Texas State University in 2008.  Amongst involvement in other student organizations, Matt served as Student Foundation President, an Associated Student Government Senator, and a Resident Assistant.  Matt is also a past recipient of the Student Foundation Scholarship, Bill Hogue Memorial Scholarship, John Garrison Leadership Award, and the prestigious LBJ Outstanding Senior Award.

Upon graduation, Matt worked as a Risk Analyst for a regional bank in Houston, Texas focusing on mid-stream and up-stream oil and gas, commercial real estate, and real estate development loans.

In 2010, Matt joined Kalypso as a management consultant.  Since then, Matt has spent the majority of his time traveling from client to client across North America, supporting innovation strategy and new product development initiatives at Fortune 500 companies in the consumer packaged goods, medical device, healthcare and nutrition, and retail services industries.

When he is not spending life up in the air or in random hotels across the country, Matt serves Texas State University as a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the Texas State Bobcat Club.  Through his relationship with the Stelos Alliance, Matt fundraises for the John Garrison Leadership Award, serves of the scholarship selection panel, and participates in the Housley Principled Leadership Program.  A recipient of much support and guidance from mentors along the way, Matt views all of these programs as opportunities to give back to both the university and its students, just as so many did for him along the way.

When not flying around the country solving Corporate America’s problems or volunteering with Texas State and Stelos Alliance, Matt enjoys competitive running, country music, and attempting to be the next Emeril Lagasse.  Hailing from the booming East Texas metropolis of Lumberton, Texas, Matt enjoys the fact that he drives a truck, knows how to two-step, and talks with a Texas drawl.  Yee-Haw, y'all.