Kalypso Wolfpack Innovators Scholarship

Annually rewarding excellence in innovation and academics to North Carolina State University students within the undergraduate engineering program.


History of Scholarship

In 2011, a group of consultants at the global innovation consulting firm, Kalypso, decided to turn another commonality - degrees from North Carolina State University - into an opportunity for future Wolfpack Alumni. In order to provide financial aid opportunities for fellow members of the Pack and funnel quality engineers into the consulting world, this group established the Wolfpack Innovators Scholarship.

The Stelos Alliance, in partnership with Kalypso, will award up to three scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each to qualified applicants from the undergraduate engineering program at NC State University. Applications are accepted in the spring and awarded in the fall.


Applications open soon!

Scholarships will be directly awarded to selected recipients from the Stelos Alliance at the beginning of the Fall Semester.


Eligible Applicants

Each spring, we will accept applications from students classified as full time sophomores or juniors in an undergraduate engineering major (classification determined by completed credit hours as recognized by NC State).

In addition to the successful completion of the activities in the application, preferred applicants will have demonstrated academic achievement (3.25+ GPA in ALL undergraduate work, foreign grading scales will be assessed accordingly). Referred applicants with GPA’s less than 3.25 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Application Requirements

1. Two essays

1 ½ pages maximum (per essay), 12pt. Times New Roman, double spaced - upload completed essays in one Microsoft Word document in the space provided on the application below

  1. Why is innovation important? What do you feel is the role of innovation in society, and in shaping the future state of our World?
  2. Share a situation where you solved a problem which didn't have a perfect solution available. Share a creative approach you took to solve this problem. How did you come up with this approach? Did you consider other options?

2. A two minute podcast

In two minute or less answer the following three questions in a podcast (link to your podcast in the space provided on the application below)

  • One of our key values at Kalypso is “Characters with Character”. What distinguishes you as a Character with Character?
  • Give an example of a time you adapted your style in order to work effectively with those who were different from you.
  • In three words, describe what it means to be an effective leader.

3. A Current resume

4. Current unofficial transcript



Feel free to email us with any questions.

Before submitting your scholarship, please read our terms for applying. You'll verify you have done so at the end of this form.


SEND US YOUR DOCUMENTS AT Melinda.Keller@Stelos.org


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